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Suit-Up Scene is a celebration of movies. It's that inner film geek in so many of us, those who will watch a movie, ad nauseum, until they can recite it backwards. Here we catalog the awesome in movies, and you can look forward to our cinematic flex expanding.

Simon Pegg in the Hot Fuzz suit-up scene. Simon Pegg in the Hot Fuzz suit-up scene.

It's our goal at Suit-Up Scene to create an extensive database that will let you cross-reference actors, directors, studios and items in a scene. If Simon Pegg places a toothpick in his mouth after suiting up in "Hot Fuzz," you'll be able to click 'toothpick' and see that James LeGros also adorns a toothpick in his respective suit-up scene in "Phantasm II." Then, by clicking 'James LeGros' you'll also see that the man loves his suit-up: he works another in "Point Break." It's a DNA strand of film nerdiness that goes on and on and on.

In the end, we are here to have fun and celebrate movies. If you're willing to take this journey with us, you can contribute to the site in many ways: posting on our Forums, Commenting on our reviews, even contributing to the database by Reporting a suit-up scene once you spot one.

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