About Suit-Up Scene

"Cataloging the awesome...one scene at a time."

Suit-Up Scene is the source for suit-up scene news, reviews and culture. Originally conceptualized by Kirk Clawes, the idea started as a goof but soon grew into an obsession. Once Kirk knew he wanted to turn this idea into an actual website, he began bouncing ideas off Dennis Widmyer, his co-staffer on Chuck Palahniuk's official page. The idea soon evolved into a site that would not only database ridiculous motifs seen in cinema, but would grow to include essays on film, interviews, blogs, forums and more.

But it all started with the impetus: The suit-up scene.

Whenever you see a scene in a movie where a character prepares for something, you'll notice that it will usually involve close-ups of clothing being put on--items being adorned, accessories being attached, fastened, clipped. Suit-up scenes have been appearing in movies dating back to the 1960s and are genreless. The villain in the horror movie, pulling his gloves on and grabbing his machete; the prom night date, posing in front of their bedroom mirror, fixing a corsage or adjusting a bow tie. And, naturally, the most famous examples we see are in action and adventure films: everything from grenades, to war paint, to even quadruple barrel shotguns!

Suit-Up Scene is a celebration of movies. It's that inner film geek in so many of us, those who will watch a movie, ad nauseum, until they can recite it backwards. Here we catalog the awesome in movies, and you can look forward to our cinematic flex expanding to include Build-Up Scenes (any scene where a group of characters teams together to build, rig, or fix something); Shoot-Up Scenes (any scene where a character takes a needle and shoots up); and Guy-Running-From-An-Explosion Scene (you get the idea).

It's our goal at Suit-Up Scene to create an extensive database that will let you cross-reference actors, directors, studios and items in a scene. If Simon Pegg places a toothpick in his mouth after suiting up in "Hot Fuzz," you'll be able to click 'toothpick' and see that James LeGros also adorns a toothpick in his respective suit-up scene in "Phantasm II." Then, by clicking 'James LeGros' you'll also see that the man loves his suit-up: he works another in "Point Break." It's a DNA strand of film nerdiness that goes on and on and on.

In the end, we are here to have fun and celebrate movies. If you're willing to take this journey with us, you can contribute to the site in many ways: posting on our Forums, Commenting on our reviews, even contributing to the database by Reporting a suit-up scene once you spot one.

Just remember; this is the start of something big. It begins with the suit-up scene: it ends with the world...