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Charles Bronson

I think there exists a certain faction of film lovers that feel you must compare people like Charles Bronson to Clint Eastwood. I'm not one of those people. I love both men equally. I will fully acknowledge that Eastwood has a more impressive body of work. But this takes nothing away from the slew of "Charlie B." films that I adore. Both men had similar trajectories. They both started off in TV. They both starred in Westerns. They both even made brilliant films with Sergio Leone. Shit, they were both in popular jailbreak movies.

But most obvious, is the fact that they both starred in popular franchises where they played renegade cops. Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies, and Bronson in the Deathwish films.

And this is pretty much where Bronson entered his twilight years, playing cops in a slew of cheesy 80s late night movies. It's easy to dismiss this period of his career, but I've actually grown to embrace it. The older Bronson got, the more brilliant his performances became. And mind you, when I throw the word "brilliant" around, it means something very different to me. It means that, seeing Bronson single-handedly take out a gang of punks, as a crotchety old, out-of-touch bastard of a cop.... it just doesn't get any better than that. Not to mention, the one-liners that were written for him, and the horrible (brilliant) way in which he delivered them... just classic stuff.

So with that being said, let's take a look at some of the highlights of this portion from Bronson's career. And keep in mind, I'm not just going to be focusing on the five "Deathwish" movies. There was also "Murphy's Law," "Kinjite," "The Evil That Men Do," "St. Ives," and of course, "10 To Midnight..." lost gems that need to be seen by all of you asap.

Bronson Vs. The Car Thieves (Deathwish 3)

Bronson Gets Answers (Kinjite)

The Ball Twisting Scene (The Evil That Men Do)

Bronson Blasts Him Dead (Deathwish 4)

Stay tuned for more.

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No, no, no... you've got it all wrong. Say it with me now, "Dir-ty Doz-en."

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This is true. Bronson had "Dirty Dozen," Eastwood had "Kelly's Heroes."

I think I preferred "Dirty Dozen" on that one.

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Now I want to go out and rent a bunch of old Bronson shit. Thanks, Dennis.

You mentioned MURPHY'S LAW, and that's the one I always think of. I mean, he fights a bitch with a crossbow at the end of that one!

Also, I've recently discovered RED SUN, and wish I would have seen it sooner. Gun fights, prostitutes and a samurai. That's right up my alley.

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I hear ya, Haas. And I think we're kindred souls on that front. You may have to start a "Western Appreciation Thread." As for the two films you mentioned... both of them are gems.

Now it's time for some endless enjoyment: