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Before reporting a scene, please verify that your movie has not yet been reported by another user by doing a quick search of the Reported Scenes Queue (below). Also, click here to verify we have not already reviewed the scene. The Suit-Up Doctrine: 8 Commandments For Determining A Suit-Up Scene
  1. Suit-up scenes are generally shot the same, with quick cuts and close-ups.
  2. A suit-up scene must contain at least 3 items. Items can be anything from a hand grenade to a bow tie.
  3. At least 2 of these items must be seen in a close-up shot.
  4. A suit-up scene is not a person getting dressed. Yet, a person dressing up can be a suit-up scene, if it follows the above three guidelines.
  5. A suit-up scene can fall into any genre of movie.
  6. We do not accept suit-up scenes from TV or music videos. (*Exceptions may apply)
  7. Suit-up items are considered anything that will be worn or adorned on the body in the scene.
  8. Suit-up scenes must contain a humanoid or human-like/animal subject. An object (such as a house or car) does not fall into the realm of a suit-up scene.
You will be credited for reporting the scene if/when we review it. If you WOULD NOT like to be credited, please state so in your comments Click Here to submit a report. (requires membership which is free)

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Movie TitleDate ReportedReported Bysort iconNow Suiting
The Dark Knight08/14/08adminNo
Pineapple Express10/08/08DennisNo
Iron Man 211/21/10DennisNo
The Walking Dead11/21/10DennisYes
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World05/27/11DennisYes
The Crow 2: City of Angels09/09/08Dr. TartNo
Role Models10/17/08HaasNo
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master04/27/09IwannaSuitUpNo