Locker rooms, bad centerfolds, and the United States Colonial Marines!

Our Review

I think it's only fitting that my first review here be for my all-time favorite movie of all-time. (notice it's so badass that I even squeezed the words 'all-time' into that sentence twice!). Yes, ALIENS. I guess I''m not that unique. It seems every party I go to I meet at least one person who agrees with me. Mind you, not that I walk around interrupting conversations to interject and ask people what their favorite movie is. No, I have a form I hand out at the beginning of the party like a ballot. It's much more thorough and people have a tendency to be more honest. (which is why CLUELESS pops up so often)

But anyway, back to the movie. When you think of ALIENS, I think you all think of one suit-up scene in particular; Sigourney Weaver, getting ready to go back and save Newt from having a facehugger fuck her throat. And yes, I won't argue that that IS a great scene. Especially because Ripley's on an elevator that is descending into a figurative hell.

But no, for me, it's all about the United States Colonial Marines. And so this one's gotta go to the locker room scene just before they board the APC (armored personal carrier).

The scene has a wonderful marching snare drum piece behind it, scored by the great James Horner. And you get treated to quick snippets of some choice marines suiting up. Most notably, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, who is revealed to have a questionable 1980's centerfold hanging up in his locker, and a painting on his breast plate of a heart with a sword through it.

A little trivia for ya: Actor James Remar was originally cast in the role of Hicks, but some disagreements between him and James Cameron led to his leaving the cast. That made way for Michael Biehn, who was immediately upset to see that Remar had already had his wardrobe decorated, and alas, he was stuck with a big red painting of a heart on his armor the whole movie.

The scene quickly progresses to Sgt. Apone ushering all the platoon into the APC, and away they go!