The Prototype Suit-Up Scene

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This suit-up scene is so epic, I don't even know where to begin.

First off, I'd like to say that this is to me, the prototype suit-up scene. In fact, this is the suit-up scene that inspired me to create this site. As a kid, Commando was easily one of my favorite movies. This is Schwarzenegger at his best. Everything about his character, John Matrix, is what a growing boy wants to be.

In fact, I remember re-enacting portions of this scene as a child. As a kid, I was fortunate enough to live adjacent to a field that was under construction for many years. A location like this is a magical treat to a young boy and it brings endless amounts of adventure. So it is only natural that my friends and I spent much of our free time doing various "missions". These missions involved all sorts of nefarious acts, most of which needed some sort of equipment. Needless to say when we went on missions, we need all sorts of gear: fireworks, slingshots, knives, paint, trip-wires, fatigues, camouflage masks, walkie-talkies and binoculars (to name a few). Every time we went out, I envisioned myself as the star of my own suit-up scene and more often than not, what I saw in my head was identical to the movie-defining scene in Commando.

At this point, you might be thinking that claiming a suit-up scene to be movie-defining is overstating the importance of the suit-up scene. 99% of the time I would agree with you. However, if you watch the DVD you'll notice something very peculiar. The suit-up scene is actually played as the background video to the menu (see the screen shots for several examples). As of the time of this writing, I cannot think of any other movie that prides itself on it's suit-up scene so much as to do something similar.

Commando is not only the ultimate action movie but the movie upon which all other suit-up scenes are judged.


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Well done.

I remember seeing COMMANDO in the theater. It came out about a week before my 9th birthday, and I saw it before several of my buddies. I can recall describing to them all the cool shit that John Matrix did; the bit with the saw blade, throwing Sully off a cliff and stealing his car, and of course how fucking awesome Bennet was. But the suit-up was hard to explain. I really wanted to tell them how rad this scene looked. I tried to show them, making stupid noises to emulate the rhythm that Matrix had while getting his weapons ready. None of them got it, and I ended up looking like a fuck.

Of course all my friends eventually saw it, and then they understood.

Needless to say, I wasn't the only dumb little kid running around the trailer park and making myself look like a fuck doing COMMANDO noises.

Schwarzenegger suit ups are the best around. Just look at Predator or even Raw Deal. Predator is a must add for the list when you add build-up scenes, it is by far my favorite - great music score, plus the film includes a couple build-up scenes.

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goddamn, that fucker does suit up doesn't he...