Too Fast Forwarded

Our Review

Paris, France 1969. A futuristic spy film is being made. The moon 2001. Stunningly beautiful agent Codename Dragonfly gets suited up to infiltrate Mr. E's moon base in a skintight, pink spacesuit!

One star?

The scene suffers from the scene within a scene structure that comes in and out of the entire film. The film within the film's director, played by Jeremy Davies, is reviewing the suit-up scene in the cutting room as we the audience are viewing it for the first time. He has probably seen the scene several times so he fast forwards it!!!

Now, this would be fine if it was a lengthy suit-up scene that was in slow motion to begin with therefore making fast forward seem like regular speed...

It is a blissful few seconds of fast forward but, alas, too fast.

In a movie saturated with fashion and beautiful people about making a sleek, futuristic spy film saturated with fashion and beautiful may expect a decent suit-up scene. The lonely star of this review, dimly shining down on the sound stage moon base, knows otherwise.