Suit-up Before You Go, You Might Catch Diabeetus

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Ah, youth. All I needed then were some clearly bounded good and bad guys, some conflict, and a happy resolution. And the more things blew up, the better the movie was.

I watched "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor" again, hoping to reconnect with some of that, but instead of cheering "Ah-HA!” I was left asking, "Why?" And there are a lot of why's; why do these marauding bandits have all these laser guns, but think that a power cell is magic; why does Noa's ship have open canopies for the turrets to stick out when it's supposed to go into the vacuum of space; why do the Ewoks only make a hole big enough for Cindel and Wicket, when they could have just broken one more board and they all could be free... and more.

And I tried to keep a light-hearted, open mind about the whole thing, but my disappointment got the best of me. I realized while watching, that I didn’t remember hardly any of this movie, though I must have seen it five times when I was younger. I now know why, the majority of this story was so badly done, I probably blocked it out. But the special effects were good, and the sound editing was excellent.

This suit-up scene was not good. There was focus on a completely disregarded and useless item – namely Noa’s robe - while another unidentified item goes on to become integral to the climax. I have to call it a Claymore Mine, but I don’t know. Wicket grabs it and puts it in his bag, though it was never seen before in the movie and only comes back once to save the day. It’s a rather clumsy handling of these types of situations that plagues the entire movie and this scene as well.

Also, one of the great functions of the suit-up scene is to show a change in the character, especially when it’s set going into the third act. It did serve to show Noa gearing up, getting ready for the climax, but there was no real change in his character to show that he was psychologically ready. The suit-up scene is supposed to be a symbolic action as well and this particular one left a lot to be desired.


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Amazing how you can remember something being good when you were a kid. Then you watch it now and realize it wasn't just bad, but it was TERRIBLE. This happens to me rather often. Perhaps I had bad taste as a kid, or perhaps seeing Ewoks run around was enough to make me happy. I dunno.

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Yep. Even now, hearing your warnings about this film, I'm still tempted to go find and revisit it. Why must we torture ourselves like this!? WHY!?!?!?

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I was trying to find the Ben Stiller Show spoof of Brimley, but alas, it doesn't appear to be on YouTube.

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I can easily one up that clip. It gets especially brilliant at 40 seconds in.