War, huuuh! Good God, Ya'all!

Our Review

"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" is director Keenen Ivory Wayan's nod to the great black exploitation films of the 70s. For this reason, he littered the film with stand-outs of the genre, including Jim Brown, John Vernon, and the recently deceased, Isaac Hayes.

The plot is your typical set-up. New guy comes to town, finds out things are being run by... (drum roll)... a villain named Mr. Big. Decides he's had enough and recruits some old buddies to go fuck some shit up.

Now, I normally spend most of my review talking about sub-genres and the philosophy of a good suit-up scene. But since "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" has an extremely original and fresh take on a suit-up scene... let's just talk about that instead.

There are many things that make this suit-up scene unique. For one, it features four people, all suiting up at once. They're basically all standing in this large garage, with a table of weapons before them. The scene is scored to "War" by Edwin Starr, but despite the fun, charging feel of this song, the scene is shot in a real straight forward and no-nonsense way. Pensive close-ups of the characters, sizing each other up, put it into a realm of suit-up scene I've never come across before. Something almost zen-like.

The goofs come in when a satchel is loaded with items. We see dynamite going in. We see grenades going in. We see a sandwich going in.

But the comic brilliance of the scene isn't until three of the men have finished suiting up, and turn to see that Isaac Haye's character (Hammer) is still at it. I think we see him holster around eight handguns. He even tucks one into his ass band. It's at this point, that the scene lays down the gauntlet and challenges previous and forthcoming suit-up scenes to step up. It draws a line in the sand and says "Beat this, honky!"

But if you think that's it... whooo, daddy, are you wrong. You see, the best part is yet to come!

For as the four men are walking out, Hammer slips on some random bullets laying on the ground... goes flying backwards in the air.... and lands on his back.... where all his guns accidentally go off and begin to shoot him to shreds!!!

This can easily be counted as one of the best pay-offs to a suit-up scene ever. Bravo, Keenen. Bravo.