Word of advice, shithead. Don't you ever wake up.

Our Review

This is currently one of my favorite scenes for several reasons.

I love that it takes you by surprise. I put in Kill Bill Vol. 1 for the simple joy of watching it. I didn't consider that it would contain a suit-up scene, let alone one that is so wonderfully shot. What makes it even better is if I had been looking for a suit-up scene in this movie, this is certainly not where I would have looked for it.

I love the music. One of Tarantino's biggest strengths is his understanding of how much of an impact music can have on an already powerful scene. When we are fist introduced to the character Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) we are greeted by the whistling of a sweet tune. It quickly becomes apparent that she is anything but.

I love the way the scene is shot. Tarantino takes a big gamble shooting a suit-up scene in the split-screen format. Thank fully for us, it works very well. I typically despise split-screen shots in movies because each panel is moving, and you really can't pay attention to more than one moving image at a time. It works in this scene because The Bride (Uma Therman), is comatose. This does wonders for the scene, because we know that The Bride is a bad ass warrior woman and at this moment she is entirely vulnerable. Elle is able to take her time suiting-up and the scene shows her comfort as she methodically prepares to kill her nemesis via lethal injection.

As Elle prepares to do the deed she dons a nurses uniform that can only been seen in film. A white button-down dress, white stockings, white penny loafers, a nurse hat (apparently scrubs don't exist in Hollywood) and a strangely sexy eye patch emblazoned with a nurse's cross. While she is preparing her syringe, we are shown images of The Bride's I.V. tubes. It's fantastic because without having said a word yet, the viewer knows exactly the type of woman Elle is. It isn't until she is just about to kill her wounded prey, that Bill calls off the hit and the viewer's assumption of her character is confirmed.

Tarantino is often criticized for simply making tributes to various themes in film. Frankly, if all he did was deliver suit-up scenes of this caliber for the rest of his career, I'd be happy.