Hot Asian In Police Woman Uniform

Our Review

Okay, so I've watched a movie called 'Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan'. Shit, I own the damn thing. Does this make me a pervert? Or a well-versed lover of foreign cinema? The two actually go hand in hand sometimes.

With this film, that's not the case. I bought it because I'm a pervert.

But hell, it's funny. In a Chinese-dude-acting-goofy-while-stalking-women-in-uniform way. If you get past the goofiness, I suppose it's a rather disturbing movie. The guy basically fantasizes about women in uniform. He'll see a girl and imagine she's making a sexy gesture to him (think Tarantino in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'). He then stalks them, drugs them, rapes them, and usually kills them.

His turn-ons? Everything from nurses to school girls to authority figures like police women. In the case of 'Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan', a police woman named Po Wan Yu is our heroine. Actually, up until the scene in question, she's the leading detective in the case to bring this sicko down. Some botched police work though leads to the rapist slipping away from authorities, where he eventually gets to our heroine's younger cousin, raping and then killing her. This causes Po Wan Yu to be demoted to a lower rank. Basically, she goes from a hot Chinese detective... to an even hotter Chinese uniformed police woman.

Immediately following her demotion, we see Po Wan Yu in the locker room, where she must now suit up in her cute police woman outfit. The scene was written and shot for perverts as, the lower status Po Wan Yu now serves, is meant to degrade her. The scene is edited in a sexy way, to represent Yu's new submissive status. It's scored to a forgettable trying-to-sound-hip beat. And the shots are cross-cut with Yu remembering her dumb cousin and the goofy faces she used to make. And oh yeah, there's also a playful pillow fight they got into once. All in all, pretty cheesy stuff.

Unfortunately for our rapist, Yu's new rank and uniform serves as the bait to lure him to her house for a date, where she eventually foils him and avenge her cousin. Ironic and clever, yes. Predictable and uninspiring. Sort of.