Kill em' for me Marv. Kill 'em good.

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There are several things that make the suit-up scene in Sin City stand out from it's contemporaries.

First, it doesn't all happen at once. Some people might think that this qualifies it as multiple suit-up scenes but since Marv (Mickey Rourke) is preparing for one fight across this time-span I'm qualifying it as a single scene.

Second, a portion of it is a direct representation of panels from the original comic book. I've included the panels from the comic in this review for comparison.

Plain and simple, Marv is a bad-ass motherfucker. What more can you say about a guy who's gear includes a small hatchet? In many instance his action-counterparts would go the easy route and prepare a knife... Not Marv.

Then of course we get to even better items of destruction like gasoline and razor wire. You would think that is enough but for Marv it is just the beginning. He has the foresight to bring protective gloves so that he can more easily handle the razor wire.

Then, the final implement of death, Gladys. You know you're dealing with someone who is bat-shit-insane when they have named their gun. For many, a gun a simple tool used to hunt, murder, protect and to open cans of beer. Marv, however, has a love affair with his gun... With his Gladys...


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If I remember rightly, Marv also considers his mitts (even without clutching a hatchet or Gladys) a weapon he's bringing along...that also can be added to his bat-shit insanity plea.

I dig that you added that shot of evil Marv mitts.

Grand review!