Latex, Boobies, High Heels, Ohh My!

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I know what you're all thinking right now. What is this film? Where did it come from? And how do I get a copy?

No? You weren't thinking any of those things?

Ohh. Well maybe you were thinking: Dennis, why do you own a copy of this film?

Does this go back to the perv factor? Well, yes. But this time there's more. You see, I'm a filmmaker myself. I don't just write about movies. I make them. Hell, I even realized the other day that I have a suit-up scene in one of them!

On my last movie, a short film named 'Throwaway' that I directed with fellow suit-up reviewer, Brian James, we had a scene where the lead actress gets tied up. Now, it's fun to imagine that you, as a filmmaker, might be able to do this yourself. Or at least oversee an intern who does it. But the truth of the matter is, tying someone up can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Nerve damage. Gag reflex. Not to mention limbs just falling asleep.

That's why you hire a pro like renown fetish photographer Jim Weathers. Jim is easily regarded as one of the best in his field. Both him and his wife Jewel Evans (one of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet), run a website called And besides photographing beautiful women in all sorts of predicaments, Jim also went and made a movie this year. It actually took him quite a few years.

Inspired by his favorite episodes of Batman growing up, Jim modeled the lead superheroine, O-Girl, after Batgirl. Then, with little to no budget, he crafted quite a fun little film with villains in black latex, bumbling female doctors, and a sex machine that makes you orgasm (whether you want to or not).

Jim was so fun to have on our set, and he added such a level of professionalism to our little 'bondage scene', that we were all thrilled when he gave every one of us a free copy of his movie. And I was even more thrilled when I discovered that 'O-Girl' has a suit-up scene. (how dare it not!)

The scene begins when O-Girl, while stretching out on her couch petting Murphy the cat, reads that a brilliant doctor is in town. Using her crime fighting skills, she deduces that the evil Lady Felina will be compelled to abduct the brilliant doctor due to her accidental break-through in discovering a love potion. Hence, the doctor shall serve as a piece of bait that O-Girl can use to surprise her arch-nemesis.

At this point, the score changes gears to a very snazzy saxophone rhythm and we are greeted by luxurious close-ups of the sexy Christina Carter (the model and actress that plays O-Girl) as she suits up into her very delectable costume.

First come the stockings, something that most filmmakers would probably only spend a few seconds on. But Jim, who is also in the business of wisely peddling foot fetishes, lets the camera linger, as O-Girl seems to almost make love to her feet and legs.

Next comes the top. I'm not sure what you'd call this thing she wears. Maybe a half catsuit? Ladies, help me. Either way, it doesn't come together until O-Girl cinches herself into a tight corset, not only enhancing her lovely breasts, but making the top nearly form fitting in the process.

Then it's onto the gloves and high heels. Won't these hinder O-Girl from running down villains and doing vicious Kung Fu moves? Probably. But fashion first, right?

We then move onto an essential part of any superheroine's suit-up regime: doing your make-up. Extra points for double-coating those lips, Christina. I think I can see my reflection now.

And finally, the staple of the super hero suit-up scene: the utility belt. With O-Girl's costume, I doubt it's adding much utility. I think it's more to hold her make-up in. But hey, beauty can be dangerous. And O-Girl's got plenty to spare.

Note: This entry should probably be classified as a Fetish film, but knowing my penchant for comedic Italian sex romps, and the films of Tinto Brass, I'm thinking that we'll have a lot more Erotica movies in our database. So I'm putting 'O-Girl' into that category instead.


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Having just watched Batman: The Movie, there is no question that this is influenced by Catwoman. Catwoman's costume even had that same glittery quality to it. To this day I don't know if I prefer Lee Meriwether or Julie Newmar.

I don't know but if you ask my i rather have a girl in lace then latex thats just me, every time i call up some female escorts i always be clear on what i'd like them to be wearing when they get here.

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I'm at over 40% just from these photos.