Who Knew Butchers Were So Bad Ass?

Our Review

When you think of your local butcher you probably think of a fat italian guy with a stained apron behind the counter of a small counter, cutting up meat. In the case of Leon in The Midnight Meat Train, we see the wimpiest man become the baddest butcher of all... the human butcher.

Walking into the cold dirty meat packing warehouse, where his enemy has been working for so long, Leon (Bradley Cooper) finds his tools, and almost instinctively knows how to use them and wear them, despite being a vegetarian his whole life.

Many times the suit-up is the moment when a man realizes he must be the hero he's always destined to be. Not this time. The donning of the chain-mail butcher's apron and knife belt, and carefully choosing 4 different knives to kill his enemy with and the most cherished weapon, the meat hook. A slow shot of it twisting in the dim light, and you know it's time to kill, and Leon's ready.

The movie has many Japanese style choices, with director Ryuhei Kitamura at the helm it's shocking how much of a classically american moment this is.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Leon's just the butcher to serve it up.


Dennis's picture

Wait, I thought Vinnie Jones was the crazy butcher in this movie? Now I'm intrigued. Must see this movie!