Even Nazgul's gots to suit

Our Review

In the amazing trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, "The Lord of The Rings", there's a ton of suit-up scenes. I think I'll be reviewing quite a few of them. But I wanted to start with the one that's the most badass.

The Witch King Of Angmar!

You see, The Lord of the Rings is my bible. I've read the books several times now, and I still get moved by many scenes. So it was a real treat that Peter Jackson hit a homerun with his movie adaptations. I also approve of many of the liberties he took.

The Witch King suiting up is one of them.

This is a scene that's never exactly described in the book. But it's handled SO well in the movie. It comes during a very dark time in the film, when Gandalf and Pippin are awaiting the flood of Mordor's armies from a balcony in Minas Tirith. Gandfalf's explanation of The Witch King is quite foreboding, and has Pippin gulping.

The shots that accompany Gandalf's voice-over are very creepy. Moving camera panning across a dank castle room, where this horrible wraith in a black robe is geared up in what appears to be heavy iron. The gloves almost look like a black scaled snake being pulled onto his hands. But the helmet... the helmet is sickest. It looks like some medieval crown of malice, spikes, and just a dark chasm of blackness where the face should be.

I also give Jackson props for choosing to give the bad guy a suit-up scene. You don't get that often. And this is one of the best.