Who We Are

Kirk Clawes :: Founder

Kirk is a guy who enjoys making websites. He also enjoys watching movies and obsessing about minutia. During a night of heavy drinking he decided it was finally time to combine two of his favorite hobbies. And Suit-Up Scene was born. After attending the Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg, he has held a variety of tech and web-related jobs, while working on a variety of creative projects including websites for several authors and film makers. If you meet him in a bar, he enjoys the one and only Newcastle Brown Ale (though other English-Style ales are acceptable).

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Dennis Widmyer :: Co-Administrator

Dennis Widmyer has been working in the film business, both on a professional and independent level, for almost nine years. To pursue filmmaking full-time, he recently moved to Los Angeles, where he quickly continued doing the same thing he was doing in New York. When he's not writing and directing, he manages to eat a little, pick cat hair off his bed, and produce and contribute to websites. In 1999, he created ChuckPalahniuk.net, the official home for the bestselling author of 'Fight Club'. It was there that he met Kirk Clawes. The two share an inexplicable love for cinema, which Suit-Up Scene unites them on. Though they still have yet to meet in person.

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Brian James Fitzpatrick :: Reviewer

Graduate of William Esper Studio. BA in Communication and Theatre. Hopeless romantic. Drinks too much coffee. Now lives out an uncomfortable, neurotic existence in LA with a decent sense of humor and aspirations to write and direct films that may or may not contain suit-up scenes. Brian James began writing for this site after mistaking it for a free, sleazier version of Match.com.

Mark Haas :: Reviewer

Currently unemployed and barricaded in his Flint, Michigan compound, Mark is stocking up on DVDs and munitions for when the revolution comes. As well, he is seeking fortune and glory by way of fiction writing, recording fan commentary for DVDs, and helping a buddy get his film made. Mark is a Libra, and enjoys having sex, arguing, and drinking alcohol. He was somewhat educated at Mott Community College, where he received a smattering of credits.

Cody P Pierce :: Reviewer

A native of Central Texas, Cody P Pierce spends almost every spare minute of his life writing. Whether it be reviews for SuitUpScene.com, blogs, long & short form fiction, or grocery lists; he's always working. He spends his down-time watching movies, devouring pop culture nuggets on-line, trolling webs sites, reading, writing in his head, or playing video games. Cody P Pierce has absolutely no life.

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Clint.XyZy Rhodes :: Reviewer

Clint.XyZy is a rock and/or roll superstar in many people's minds. Unfortunately, none of those people are record executives. If you meet a record executive, he has prepared a hypnotizing mantra, "Clint is a rock and roll superstar - XyZy is a rock and roll superstar" which should serve well. He also has various other mantras in case you ever meet an editor from Random House, or a movie director looking for a score or a script.

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